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There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. I bought another secondhand which lasted just under six months before it died also. Just a note, you mounted the cooler backwards. Return to General Old Hardware. So I bought the ic7max3 for a good price and rebuilt my pc from ’03, As it should have been then.

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It is been going great for the last 6 or so years. Whilst not common, this issue does exist, also, weren’t there some CGA games prone to display timing problems on VGA cards?

So it seems there are still opportunities for extending my collection after a bit of a slow period. Sound Blaster Live 5. It takes pride of dp in my collection Perhaps the latency thing would be useful for speed-sensitive stuff which bugs the display on faster machines?

Now I thought this system was not worth keeping but I found a novel way to use it. Return to General Old Hardware.

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This site hosts no abandonware. AMD just cheaped out back then. Come to think of it, a few years ago, my dad burnt out a 3ghz Prescott Pentium 4 HT after he failed to put the heatsink back on properly but, never the less, he va313 able to use the computer for a good 10 or 15 minutes then reboot after it locked up before it permanently died.


I call it ‘Phoenix”. Got some from ebay and the recycling center. I call it blackmagic from the the two voodoo2 iwull magic2 cards.

Any noise on startup with the Silencer?

SYS it can be switched dynamically between Mhz Mainboard: I am getting a few ultra quite gelid fans to populate the cases. Just a note, you mounted the cooler backwards. Bought these retro hardware today Discussion about old PC hardware. It started of with iwikl abit ic7G mainboard which died in ‘ Last edited by schlang on Hardware stays in this system until I decide what I want to build next. Will take pictures in a bit.

Coppermines got killed from chips too because the coolers for them were often poorly designed and they didnt have the foam pads like Athlon. It looks like a black paint ieill the front panel if you want to install this device into a black case will cost you more. Iwill Va mainboard P3 mhz cpu mb ram pc voodoo 5 pci soundblaster pci Here are the pics: I had two Ks and an Athlon XP all die within minutes of the heatsink fan failing to go on spinning whereas most Intel chips I’ve used proved to be more resiliant.


You got some real nice rigs there mate. It’s interesting how “international” this forum is.

Heat will kill em if you don’t have the heatsink attached right though. Unless you’re talking mobile chips that is, where it’s not risky to go bare.


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You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Just a note, you mounted the cooler backwards Edit: I’m starting to think I’m just not meant to own one for some reason. This site hosts no abandonware.