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Testing on circuit 2 with more variable resistance and cap values need to be examined before adding more components in circuit 3. Transformer Pin 5 If you were using the 6 pin transformer from a Fuji was there a wire hooked up to the 6th pin? Add one component to circuit 1 by including capacitor in parallel to the resistor. I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals!

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I still have two completed AA units build as lamps that i use for a bedside light. I disconnected the battery from the circuit and it climbed up to 0. March 05, LOL Now for the next steps Problem between Meter and person measuring Me or cheap meters don’t work with this circuit for measuring amps? So far though, it seems to be balancing driving the motor off the battery while driving the barebone circuit and lighting the CFL with a recharge effect circuuit the depleted battery.

Fuji EA32 20 a 2 Pole Circuit Breaker T | eBay

Resistor, Cap and bulb size seem to play a big part in the circuit along with tuning for maximum CFL brightness and input power. Diode negative Cathode All Here’s my first attempt, I removed the transformer from a Fuji disposable camera circuit board and started a prototype board with a 10 K ohm 20 turn potentiometer, the 68 pf capacitor is in parallel to the pot.


New monetisation for all members. Neon lead 2 All the transformers are 5 wires.

I always buy my gadgets via these great Warehouse deals! Thankyou, Pirate posted a bunch of stuff here on the jtc.

Can light a neon by touching only one lead to either of the output wires! Check this out and join BitTube. Transistor – Emmiter 3.

Not bad for a barebones mini Tesla circuit Ouput capacitor Negative lead The only thing you should be concerned with is the primary circuit in resonance. I took apart 5 Fuji circuit boards last night and so far and all of the transformers with the low turn heavy wire primary have 6 pins but only 5 of the posts have wires hooked up to them, so far the 6th pin only appears to be there as a locator pin. I have to say the only components i used were the pot and a 68 pf cap.

Added V electrolytic cap that came with Fuji camera across input positive and negative wires, brightness increased and less voltage drop. I placed a small DC motor in parallel with the circuit and it would run after adjusting the capacitor and resistance but then the voltage started going up past 0. You have to realize thta this is Cold electricity and the bulb will not lite up near as blinding bright as on house current but there are ways to make it bright.


The new digital currency! What’s interesting is that the original circuit posted on the josepino. I just got the touch!

Fuji EA32 20 a 2 Pole Circuit Breaker T67900

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Transistor – Base 5. I think you should use the 6 pin transformer instead of the 5 pin for your standard circuits since it seems to provide better performance. HV pulse coil lead 2 If I increase the capacitance to higher value up to 0.