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A little lower and left of centre is the indicator light, which is green while reading and blinking green while writing. Just make sure you have a disc in the drive when you click on the bitsetting button or the program may lock up. It would just refuse to acknowledge that there is a disc in. Comments posted by peachesvan from United States, March 08, After creating the images of the various titles to the hard disk, we burned them maximum speed with CloneCD v4. The measurements with UM Doctor confirmed the very good writing quality of the drive for all the supported speeds.

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Dynamic Calibration To ensure optimal writing quality over the entire cyberdrkve at higher writing speeds, Cyberdrive implements theWalking OPC algorithm, introduced by Philips. Optorite was the slowest with over a minute’s difference.

The C1 error rate is very low, and only in one circumstance was there a C2 error, specifically with the Taiyo Yuden media recorded at 32x. We made a copy of the previous pressed CD in order to check the drive’s capabilities when reading dx082r CD-R.

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The test finished at The drive has an 8MB buffer size. The same thing also holds true with US-RW media. Average 3T Pit Jitter ns.


The CyderDrive finished the test without reporting any reading errors, although the reading graph is not smooth.

Click on this for more technical information. The process continued as illustrated below.

Cyberdrive DXD DVD+RW – Printer Friendly version

Seamless Link allows the CD-RW drive to store the RecEnd address, the point in the data to which the recording mechanism has progressed, and pause the recording before a buffer under run occurs. This was not the case however; the Cyberdrive drive pushed the chipset to its limits in order to offer higher CD-R and CD-RW writing speeds, while firmware adjustments improved the performance significantly in areas.

So far it’s been great Comments posted by SeanT from Australia, November 15, Comments posted by ccbadd from United States, August 02, The drive seems to burn flawlessly.

The Cyberdrive DXD uses a more dynamic implementation based on the position on the disc and the temperature inside the drive.

The CyberDrive DXD read the test disc very easily notwithstanding the reduction of speed at the beginning of the first layer. Five tracks on the disc contain a sequence of progressively difficult tests. I am running the latest firmware, which is B. On the other hand, the drive managed to rip and playback all of the protected Audio CDs we tried. In this typical comparison, Philips was third cyberdrove Plextor fourth but once again we mention that the differences was negligible.


CyberDrive had the fastest times among the drives.

CyberDrive DXD 8x DVD+RW DVD Recorder Review | Hardware Heaven Forums

In each case, the Seamless Link feature was enabled. However, Optorite was the fastest in this test with Plextor second. Seamless Link allows the CD-RW drive to store the Ddx082d address, the point in the data to which the recording mechanism has progressed, and pause the recording before a buffer under run occurs.

Have also used DVDDecryptor on really bad disks. Rated this writer 5 of In the same test, Philips had the same speed as the CyberDrive at For our tests, we set the region code to 2 Europe. The writing procedure cyberdriv at 6x and after burning approximately MB the speed reached 8x. Haven’t burned -R yet, but my 4x Memorex and Verbatims all show 4x as top speed. And in this respect the CyberDrive does not appear to have any problems. Only Optorite failed to rip the CDS tracks. The speed reached at the end of the test was 12,8x under CAV.

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