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Not just for cable boxes but I use it for my IP camera system – door bell rings and I get a PiP in the lower corner of the TV showing a live feed of who is at the door. When my housekeeper comes over my she puts a code into the kwikset lock at the front door. Both set up easily, either by a “DIY” homeowner or professional installer, and both are designed to work with leading home automation systems alongside other smart home devices connected to a Wi-Fi network. And that is why I jumped into this thread to start. I don’t know if that product has been tested with SmartThings, but it does work with the Z-wave hub that I use.

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She’s a washed-up Ultimate Frisbee player currently residing in Carlsbad, Calif. Does not make the system bad.

Smart Home Automation Systems | Highland Park, TX

Follow our Twitter here https: Could that change in a few years, sure. This isnt an attack, its just trying to refute the original point the original poster made that “c4 sucks” and the reasons why people agree are false.

People have bad Savant systems, Crestron systems, etc. Posters may be banned without warning. I consider banking on wireless for everything is similar to LA’s infrastructure.


Page 1 of Again, I’m not knocking any system. Custom installers, dealers, and homeowners can enjoy this integration later this cohtrol4 by upgrading to the next version of BluOS software and the latest apps for smartphone, tablet, and desktop. CEDIA is hosting the Technology Solutions pavilion with space for nearly 30 exhibitors, and many of the spots are already spoken for.

BluOS is vertically integrated into the devices’ advanced hardware architecture.

IntesisBox drivers work with all IntesisBox WMP

Does your solution cost less- sure it does. I can pick any source and play it on any TV.

Learn to use composer HE and it gets even better. I do not need another hub and other apps or hardware to make it work. Last edited by Aslan; at I think if Apple or Google or Amazon are going to make a big play they may buy out one of the companies I listed vs starting on their own.

I don’t think bad systems or badly installed systems are what is being discussed here. But everyone said HomeKit was putting the CI unit out of business and the CI revenue streams have grown the last few years with the rebound in the housing market, so go figure. For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome.


A new Rachio competitor, an AI-driven camera “policeā€¦. Crestron can do way more and is super more configurable.

Developer Platforms

Services Allow us to integrate a state-of-the-Art Automation systems within you home or business. Having Alexa control your blinds is different from setting up complex tasks in an ecosystem with different hardware.

Savant and Control4 have similar control, not just of your house, but your entire property.

It truely depends on the installer – cost – I don’t have the full bid yet from Elan – but is the cost structure very different outside of initial hardware layout? Finally, the BluOS driver for Crestron has been completely re-designed and built specifically for the ellan integration market.

It truely depends on the installer. I think you have missed the point. As a C4 and Crestron tech yourself I am sure you know that difference after speaking and working with end users. I shouldn’t have to find, wait for and pay that remote dealer.

Originally Posted by bigbarney. Open standard, super reliable and mature hardware, decentralized, decent prices and infinitely configurable.