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The pinion , however, required some “tinkering”. My son almost always gets his hands out and catches himself. These motors use the same bolts as the PW motors found in MF jeeps. Or just get things hot? I had lots of questions about these so I had to test them. It would be easy to weld up a custom part I want to throw these guys in and run 12v and bump to 18v but would it be a guarantee to fry everything?

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Last edited by dozer on Sun Feb 27, 1: They had them at Lowes in the specialty drawers.

I am running 4wd so I have 4 motors. Last edited by taz11 on Tue Mar 01, Wed Feb 23, 4: Yes the mud thing gets me also.

P60 Gearbox: Standard, , For RS Motor –

Last edited by dozer on Sat Feb 26, 7: I used M4 35mm Big box hardware store? It may just become another play area for them.


Fri Feb 24, 2: I’m trying to check in everyday Mon Jun 25, 3: I looked at it this summer briefly but never got back to it. I threw my mic on it later Wed Dec 15, banbeot I don’t understand what it is used for and how it fits. I’d bandbot help you out and make you decals if you[…]. Mon Aug 05, It won’t stick together, like dry sand. Don’t for get to check the “archived forums” also. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

Banebots RS 12V RPM Brushed DC Motor – Thingbits Electronics

I thought they might also work for a front wheel drive set up. Last edited by dozer on Wed Mar 02, 1: With two motors you may be ok This won’t mean much to you southern members The pinionhowever, required some “tinkering”. I just need that data thanks.

Don’t speak of such things! Lots of stuff over there.


Last edited by taz11 on Tue Mar 06, 2: They are advertised at watts at peak efficiency. Our tongue is stored inside so its warmer than our hands.

With blake and chozians help, I got the video problem sorted out.

RS775 Motor – 18V

Strange when you consider our tongues do hotter things than our hands. My wife says that my sister in law was the same way, I guess it comes honestly.

It would mtoor easy to weld up a custom part Since they are 18 volt motors I installed them without heatsinks, just like they came out of the box.